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Understanding and analyzing the Altcoin market

There are two main methods for understanding the Altcoin market, predicting future price paths and, therefore, a good investment: a) fundamental analysis, b) technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis tries to determine the real value of something, so that it can determine whether its value will increase or decrease in time. It's harder to deal with the purchase and or sales of Altcoin because they are essentially at an early stage of their development and therefore their value reflects merely their future success and not our current position. But you can still look at the level of matching a coin, network strength, number of transfers and so on. To a large extend, we need to rely on the estimation of the possible size of the market in the future and the chance to reach that size.

In the technical analysis, market price information is used, and analysts are looking for patterns and indicators that can be used to predict the future direction of the price movement.

The digital currency market is quite influenced by the news. We are doing purchase and sales of assets in a fast progressing technology, where every day progress is made. So if we want to earn money by buying and selling Altcoins, we really need to make sure that we know the latest news and advances in the money we buy and sell, and about the whole industry. Our team is one of the most experienced experts in the market, who are looking at the market 24 hours a day.

Buy and sell based on the market trends recognition process and move with current price trends usually in an average time horizon will have the best results. But trends can be well recognized at any time scale and are highly flexible in this regard, of course, as long as our horizons for sales are consistent with the time scale of the analyzed trends. Principle basis is that if a general trend exist towards the increase of the price, it would be logical if we think that the price would go up and it's very unlikely to fall down. Technical analysis for business based on the trends is very useful and can help us to recognize the possible turning point, so that we could avoid the risks like buying in when the price trends in the peak and selling when the price is at its perigee.

Buying and selling upon fluctuations
This is a short-term strategy that we are trying to take advantage of the fact that prices are fluctuating instead of moving on a direct line. The idea is to find the lowest point in the short-term fluctuation of the price to buy cheaply and then sell it quickly as it's going up and make profit in the process and repeat it again and again.
In the market of encrypted money, Spread often ( the distance between the price of supply and demand) is greater between buying and selling prices compered to the traditional markets. This means that we buy an sell based on the fluctuations and we can act as a market maker and benefit more from the Spread. If the distance between the supply price and the requested price is higher than the remittance ( the fee you should pay for exchange), then this strategy is worth paying more attention to.

We are a whale
Some of encrypted money has a low volume capital, perhaps as low as 10 to 20 thousand dollars. This means that a typical amateur businessman can find himself in the position of a whale in the market with just a few thousand dollars. In a small jar of water, everyone can be a big fish.
Buying a very low-priced coin that we believe has a high potential, makes us a big fish in a small jar, and this can be a profitable strategy. If we follow this strategy, a key point to be considered is the "volume". If you can find a money that has a very low value, but still has a reasonable volume (capital) and this can be a perfect opportunity for to enter and increase the price.


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